Uuuuggggghhhh I’m a victim of the #quarantine15 and I’m ashamed I let myself slip dealing with the stress of COVID, protests, taking care of a baby and my own personal stuff! Although I’ve been home, i still want to look cute and not feel pressured to look a certain way in clothes. My boyfriend had just purchased me a bunch of sneakers that I had nothing to go with...So I said to myself, “girl get some cute custom tees and sweatshirts made.” What better way to show my personal style, rep my brand and feel comfortable all at the same time. From there, Bougie Tomboy merch was birthed. The designs are all comfortable, classic and clean allowing you to put your personal spin on outfits. As a mom and business woman, I love versatile and comfy clothes. I know there are women out there, like me that just want to throw something on and not sacrifice looking good. I see you and I feel you! Stay classic, stay comfy and stay Bougie!