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Creating classic beauty for all
ages, textures + tones.

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Participate in Our Free Bridal Hair and Makeup Giveaway

Are you a soon-to-be bride dreaming of a fabulous bridal look? Here's your chance to win a free bridal hair and makeup package from Nicki Rouge Bridal Team! To enter the contest, simply follow these easy steps:


Step 1: Follow @NickiRougeBridalTeam on Instagram

  • If you're not already following us, start by opening the Instagram app on your smartphone. 

  • In the search bar, type "@nickirougebridalteam" and select our official Instagram page.

  • Click the "Follow" button to stay updated with our latest bridal beauty updates and, of course, to participate in the giveaway.



Step 2: Complete the Inquiry Form on

  • Visit our website,, on your preferred web browser.

  • Navigate to the "BECOME A BOUGIE BRIDE" section of the website.

  • Fill out the inquiry form with your contact information, wedding date, and any specific bridal beauty preferences you might have.


Step 3: Create and Submit a 30-Second to 1-Minute Video

  • Record a video of yourself explaining why you should win our bridal hair and makeup contest. Be creative, heartfelt, and genuine in your video message.

  • Ensure your video is between 30 seconds to 1 minute in duration.

  • Mention @nickirougebridalteam in your video as part of your explanation.

Step 4: Share Your Video on Instagram Story
After recording your video, open Instagram.

  • Tap on your profile picture or go to your Instagram Story.

  • Upload the video you created in Step 3 to your Story.

  • In the caption or text overlay, tag @nickirougebridalteam to make sure we see your entry.

Step 5: Check for Updates

  • Keep an eye on our Instagram page and your Instagram Direct Messages for updates and announcements regarding the contest.

That's it! By following these steps, you'll be officially entered in our free bridal hair and makeup giveaway. Don't forget to check your Instagram DMs for any potential updates or notifications from us. Best of luck, and we can't wait to hear why you should be the lucky winner of our bridal beauty package!

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The Makeup Workshop

Join Nicki for a detailed workshop revealing the 5 easy steps to her professional photo-ready application.  

Full Face Makeup Demonstration:

In this personalized one-on-one session, Nicki Rouge will demonstrate a full face makeup application, sharing her expertise in creating a stunning, long-lasting look. Witness her in action as she reveals the secrets to achieving that perfect, radiant finish.


Makeup Application Guide:

Learn the art of makeup application from a professional makeup artist. Nicki will guide you through each step, offering personalized tips and tricks to suit your individual features and preferences. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring makeup pro, this workshop is tailored to your skill level.


Tools and Demonstration Products Provided:

Don't worry about bringing your entire makeup collection – we've got you covered! We provide all the necessary tools and products for the workshop, ensuring you have access to top-quality makeup supplies. 

Personalized Experience:

One of the most exciting aspects of this workshop is its exclusivity. It's just you and Nicki, which means the entire session is dedicated to addressing your specific questions and needs.

Take-Home Skills:

By the end of this one-on-one experience, you'll have acquired the skills and knowledge to recreate your dream makeup look. Whether it's for your wedding day, a special event, or just an everyday glow-up, you'll leave feeling empowered and ready to tackle any makeup challenge.


I started off wanting to do my own makeup due to a lack of self confidence. Through makeup, I developed an alter ego, Nicki Rouge. I could be bold, confident and completely sure of myself. This mentality has now transferred to my real life. It's that exact feeling that I want to give  every person that works with me!  Makeup is truly an enhancement and an outward expression of the beauty that lives inside.  This is the evolution of me and my brand. I hope you see the beauty inside of you!

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Welcome to Makeup Medicine with Nicki Rouge where we diagnose problems plaguing the beauty industry and try to find a cure through introspection and dialogue. 

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