Meet the Owner

Nicki began her career in service as an occupational therapist. In this role, she was able to gain knowledge of human behavior which greatly impacts her approach with the Nicki Rouge brand. She has spent years mastering  makeup artistry, customer service, education, brand strategy  and therapy.  Her path in the beauty industry has evolved to professional makeup artist, bridal specialist, educator, brand strategist and beauty team owner.  She specializes in soft glam makeup artistry focusing on flawless skin and alluring eyes. Nicki has collaborated with world renown photographers, videographers, wedding planners, makeup artists, business women,  coaches, content creators and clients. She has become one of the most highly sought out bridal makeup artists. Although makeup is the focal of the brand, she believes that beauty starts on the inside. With over 8 years of experience, she has found a way to approach beauty differently. She is motivated to reverse beauty culture by exposing  the disconnect between how we desire to look and embracing who we truly are. By being her authentic self, building relationships and healing internal insecurities in women; she has found her purpose. She is more than just a makeup artist. Nicki is a pioneer in the beauty industry that will change the way we see ourselves and how we approach beauty.  







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Introspection | Self Awareness | Clarity

I started off wanting to do my own makeup due to a lack of self confidence. Through makeup, I developed an alter ego, Nicki Rouge. I could be bold, confident and completely sure of myself when wearing makeup. It was that exact feeling that I wanted to give the clients that sat in my makeup chair! I soon understood that when I washed my makeup off, I was the same person who had the same issues. I decided to invest in self work to truly improve my self awareness. Through introspection, I gained clarity and acceptance of who I truly am. I love myself the same whether natural or in full glam. Makeup is truly an enhancement and an outward expression of the beauty that lives inside me. This is the evolution of me and  my brand. I hope you see the beauty inside of you!

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Meet the Team 

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